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Saturday, 10 February 2018


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Nice write up boss. However in light of the following I think source should supercede:

1. Nigeria is battling with serious rural-urban migration. Several states have failed and have not shown enough efforts to address the challenge. Using source as a basis of taxation will put state governments under pressure to deliver on viable Job employment

2. I don't think a state should benefit solely from being situated next to a state that works well.

3. Source model will ensure states with high employment rates have necessary funds to sustain jobs and provide infrastructures

4. It will increase competition among states for private investment. If Ogun states know it will still get taxes from an investment sited in Lagos, it may not put in enough effort to secure it in its state. However, when Ogun states know it is likely to lose out completely if it fails to secure private investments, it will put in place necessary conditions to attract private investments


Dear Nudge, I couldn't agree less on all you have enumerated above! In addition, the management of the rebates should be of top priority to the OGSG and the assigned FMs. People are generally prone to pay for commodities that have an advantage to them! I.e what they can see. Thank you Sir!

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